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3 Minute Stress Busters - Really!

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The Healing Space Calgary
1407 10st SW
Calgary AB

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Sliding scale $50.00 - $80.00 per session, paid by cheque or cash

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Achieve Your Goals - Finally!

“Glorify who you are today, do not condemn who you were yesterday, and dream of who you can be tomorrow.”

- Neale Donald Walsch

Research has shown that methods that incorporate the subtle energy systems (meridians, charkas and the fields surrounding the body) tend to bring about more rapid and thorough change even with long standing challenges. This is because the interventions do not rely on insight and understanding but on working with the subtle energy system to release thoughts, emotions and experiences that block you in achieving your goals.

Why group format?

Our energy fields are connected. The energy field of a group is greater than the sum of each individual so when there is a common intention the collective energy around that intention is stronger and can be used for healing and change.

Prior to your first appointment:

Please download the intake and consent forms, below, to be completed and brought with you on your first appointment. They can be downloaded here:

Intake Form

Consent Form