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Effective Stress Management

Stress can happen in many areas of our life: work/school, finances, family, physical issues. Stress impacts every system in your body and the effects of stress are cumulative.

There are a number of approaches to managing stress. This article will give you information about approaches drawn from Mind – Body Therapies.

When we feel stressed or threatened, an emergency response gets triggered. Two things happen. Blood moves from the forebrain to the brain centre that governs the fight, flight or freeze response. This affects our ability to think clearly about the situation. At the same time, stress chemicals get released. These affect our emotions and behaviours.

There is a corresponding response in the subtle energy systems of the body that also affects our ability to think clearly and affects our emotional and behavioural responses to situations.

You CAN reprogram your response to stress.

Energy Psychology methods may be an effective approach to help you manage your response to stress. Energy Psychology integrates the theories of quantum physics, psychology, eastern medicine and spirituality. Energy psychology interventions do not rely on insight and understanding but on utilizing the subtle energy systems (meridians, chakras and the fields surrounding the body) while working with thoughts and emotions. The results are rapid and thorough.

There are a number of ways to intervene in the subtle energy systems. For example you can balance the meridian system by tapping or holding certain acupuncture points, or balance the chakra system through intention or by working directly with the chakras. The Brain Gym approach offers many options. Approaches such as Emotional Freedom Technique may effectively address the triggers for a stress response.

These strategies interrupt the stress response and the energy systems associated with the fight, flight or freeze centre are rebalanced so that the body’s response to stress is retrained.