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What Are The Benefits of Utilizing Energy Psychology Interventions?

Energy Psychology Therapies integrate the theories of quantum physics, psychology, eastern medicine and spirituality. The interventions do not rely on insight and understanding but on utilizing the energy pathways and centers of the body (meridians, chakras and the fields surrounding the body) while working with thoughts and emotions.

The benefits of using this approach are:

  1. If the ultimate cause of a problem is in the subtle energy system, then treating a problem on the physical level may be ineffective. Energy Psychology therapies bring about more rapid and thorough change.
  2. The number of sessions needed to effect change is significantly decreased making this approach cost effective.
  3. These methods are easy to learn and can be used between sessions to reduce your symptoms. This mean that you are in control of your wellbeing.
  4. With these methods clients have achieved their personal and business goals, managed their stress response, improved their focus and learning and reported relief in their emotional and physical challenges.

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